All-on-six Branemark Implant system prosthesis case

                    Patient:male, 60 years old. upper jaw missing teeth.  Main request: To recovery the basic physiologic function and basic aesthetic requirements.Dentist’s design: All-on-six Branemark Implant system prosthesis

Picture 1 

Picture 2

Picture 3

                   Picture 1—pIcture 3, the dentist make the first level of conventional implant impression and make the plaster model on the clinic. At the same time the dentist make thecasting second  impression taking frame as the preparation for the second accurate impression taking.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

                 Picture 8- Picture10  Put the model on the average value of articulator and then do the teeth set up, containing the metal reinforcing bar in it, in order to prevent wax deformation and effect of judgment in fit place. (Because of the limited conditions,the implant of el15 and el25 towards of buccal surface, so the screw holes opened on the porcelain gum and buccal cusp )

Picture 11

Picture 12

                       Picture11—Picture12 Upper fixed bridge, after clinical trials the dentist and patient are satisfied of dental arch radian, labial contour, size of tooth and occlusion relationship cover.

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16


Picture 17

Picture13—Picture17, analyse the direction of implant by use the  software , and do the digital break back at the same time

Picture 18

Picture 19

Picture 18—Picture 19, Using CAM software to rank, calculate the cutter path and milling.

Picture 20

Picture 21

Picture 22

Picture 23

  Picture20—Picture23 Titanium Screw-Retained milling bridge (Datron five axis precision cutting ), occlusion space is large, taking into account aesthetic requirements, design the gum porcelain on buccal surface, and design the metal band on palatal.

Picture 24

Picture24  Titanium Screw-Retained milling bridge and temporary fixed bridge gingival surface view renderings  

Picture 25

Picture 25 Titanium Screw-Retained milling bridge and temporary fixed bridge occlusion surface view renderings

Picture 26

Picture 26 Titanium Screw-Retained milling bridge polymerization porcelain heap impression drawing

Picture 27

Picture 28

Picture 27、Picture 28  end product Titanium Screw-Retained milling bridge side view renderings

Picture 29

Picture 30

Picture 29、Picture 30 end product Titanium Screw-Retained milling bridge labial surface view renderings

Picture 31

Picture 32

Picture 31、Picture 32  end product bridge mirror view

Picture 33

Picture 34

Picture 35

Picture 36

Picture 33 – Picture 36  The occlusion surface view after put the teeth in the mouth, side view and labial surface view