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 Lava All-Ceramic Salon hold by 3M ESPE in Beijing at August 22nd  2013. The dentists came from Beijing and Tianjin to participate in salon. The atmosphere is very active.

  The salon started at afternoon. The customer manager Miss Huang from 3M ESPE shares her experience of visiting dental lab with everyone. Dr. Yu from People’s Hospital did a report about the his Lava cases. The technical assistance from 3M ESPE Mr. He discuss how to get a perfect impression with dentists. In order to let dental labs receive the information are all right and completion. Our company general manager., Jialei Wang discussed the colorimetric with dentists together.Also doing an operation and sharing his experience about colorimetric.

  The dentists enjoyed the great benefit in the salon. With our pleasure , we would like to do more communication and cooperation. In future, we hope to take more chance to meet dentists and common progress!